Special Subjects

Arts, Handwork, Movement & Music

While our school is not an art school, art is brought into every subject. The arts are woven into just about every minute of every day in every grade, from early childhood all the way through middle school. The simple, single color watercolor studies in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten lead into more intricate line and form drawings as students progress through the grades.

Movement & Games

The Movement & Games program teaches important life skills, including the value of hard work, team building, and perseverance. The curriculum is carefully woven into 1st through 8th grade to meet the child’s stages of development. Moving on from the solitary, parallel, and “let’s pretend” play of early childhood, the imaginative games of the early grades revolve around story and help to form the class. Children begin to learn important social skills that serve to promote healthy interactions at eight, nine, and ten years old. Fifth grade introduces the Greek games –– students throw the javelin and discus, compete in running and jumping events, and learn a modified form of wrestling; at the end of the year, students join with other Waldorf schools to compete at an all-day event in the style of the Greek games. After the Pentathlon, sixth graders are introduced to team sports. Upper grades classes include frequent trust and team-building exercises as the students continue to learn about team sports with an emphasis on teamwork, etiquette, sportsmanship, and the fundamentals of organized sports.