Discover an education that’s brilliant in every possible way.

The Waldorf curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to spark a child’s natural curiosity, creativity and love of learning. The result? A century’s worth of graduates that have been well prepared to think critically and think for themselves, with the confidence to forge their own path in the world ahead – graduates who are brilliant in every possible way.

What is Waldorf?

Discover what our rich, integrated, experiential approach to education can offer your child, whether they’re just entering an early childhood program or a middle schooler getting ready for the next step.

Music & Arts

From early childhood through middle school, arts and music are woven into everything our students do. See how arts and music are a key part of our curriculum.

What Parents are Saying

You’ll often hear parents say that our school is the school they wish they had been able to attend as a child. See what our parents have to say about Nevada Sage Waldorf School.

Rigorous academics. Creative thinking. Confidence to thrive in the world ahead. Come see why a Waldorf education is brilliant in every possible way.

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See why Waldorf has become the fastest growing educational movement in the world.

schools worldwide

Discover one of the fastest-growing educational movements in the world. With Waldorf schools on just about every continent around the globe, with 150 in the United States alone, we’re a part of a global community of schools providing an innovative and proven approach to educating children.

While every Waldorf school operates independently, we have a deep connection to each other through our shared curriculum, our community festivals and our strong sense of purpose – to help every child reach their highest potential and find their own unique place in the world ahead.

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Waldorf 100 – The Film Part 2

Waldorf 100 – Becoming

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