Nevada Sage Waldorf School Educational Benefits

Our play and nature-based start: We establish a solid foundation enabling our children an optimal learning platform when they enter grade school. The work of kindergarten is to grow, socialize and foster their imaginations.

Reading and writing: We develop a love of reading and writing, with the goal of comprehension, not assessment through test taking. Our approach builds confidence and a joy of learning. Children love going to school at Nevada Sage Waldorf School. We want lifelong learners.

Hands-on learning and experimental learning: We teach our students through how they learn – visually, auditorily, and kinesthetically – by seeing, hearing and doing! We educate the whole child, the ‘head, heart, and hands,’ to meet the intellectual, social and emotional, as well as physical development of each child.

Well-rounded curriculum: Through the curriculum at Nevada Sage, students draw connections among their studies, their curiosities, their passions, and the skills they need to become critical thinkers who are prepared for high school and beyond. NSWS curriculum:

  • Math, science, language arts, geography, history, Spanish.
  • Music (playing an instrument and singing), practical and fine arts, drama.
  • Physical education, handwork, woodwork, movement and speech, educational field trips.

We are preparing students to excel in high school, college and for life.

Our STEAM approach: Nevada Sage’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) approach for students in grades 6-8 provides students with opportunities to be designers, creators, innovators, discoverers, experimenters and scientists. They become real scientists! We use interdisciplinary approaches that bridge science, math and the art. We love science.

Exceptional art, music and drama: All our students play musical instruments, sing in a choir, read music, draw, paint, and make practical objects in craft classes.

Field trips: All our classes take part in in age-appropriate field trips exploring the community, its geography, history and culture. Community service is also an important part of school life.

Our Community: It takes a village to raise children, our close knit community has many opportunities and events to make life=long friendships, and together keep our children safe. Nevada Sage is home away from home.