Tuition Assistance


Nevada Sage Waldorf School is dedicated to children and their families.  The Board of Trustees and Faculty want to make Waldorf education available to all families who wish to provide Waldorf education for their child or children.  Our goal is to create a diverse community that includes families with a wide variety of financial capacities while remaining responsible to our economic obligations.

Types of Assistance

Families may apply for a tuition adjustment based on financial need.  A tuition adjustment applies for one calendar school year; applicants need to reapply on an annual basis.  Accounts must remain in good standing to continue to receive a tuition adjustment.

Who Can Apply?

Families may apply annually for tuition adjustment for children 5 yrs or older on June 1, preceding enrollment year, are eligible to receive assistance. Tuition Adjustment is not available for Continuing Care.

We expect that parents applying will first assess their financial status.  The school is not in a financial position to support lifestyle choices that have a negative impact on a family’s ability to pay tuition. We expect all parents to contribute honestly toward tuition.

Where does the Aid come from?

Nevada Sage Waldorf School does not have an endowment; therefore, assistance in the form of annual tuition reduction is granted on the basis of need.

TADS Apply Here

Education at an independent Waldorf School is possible!  Please feel free to speak with us openly about your needs when you inquire.