Special Subjects

Arts, Handwork, Movement & Music

While our school is not an art school, art is brought into every subject. The arts are woven into just about every minute of every day in every grade, from early childhood all the way through middle school. The simple, single color watercolor studies in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten lead into more intricate line and form drawings as students progress through the grades.


  • Students begin the woodworking curriculum by learning the basics of whittling
  • Projects progress from whittling a basswood egg to carving spoons, bowls, and more complex objects out of varying types of wood
  • Unique projects may be introduced throughout the school year; our woodworking students built the school’s chicken coop during the 2018-2019 school year
  • Students should develop a greater strength of will, persistence, and patience through working to manipulate wood with both power and control