Special Subjects

Arts, Handwork, Movement & Music

While our school is not an art school, art is brought into every subject. The arts are woven into just about every minute of every day in every grade, from early childhood all the way through middle school. The simple, single color watercolor studies in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten lead into more intricate line and form drawings as students progress through the grades.


  • In Speech Eurythmy, learn to express vowels, consonants, and rhythms of spoken language (poetry, prose & story) with full-body gestures that communicate the essence of language.
  • Translate the archetypal movements and structures in poetry, historic speeches, scientific description and music into choreographed, group forms.  Language choices support the grades curriculum.
  • Move harmoniously with classmates in complex, geometric and choreographed forms.
  • In Tone Eurythmy, learn to give full body expression to the musical elements of beat, rhythm, phrasing, tones, and intervals as experienced through live accompaniment. 
  • Practice seven Rod Exercises performed with batton-like copper rods which increase dexterity, promote healthy posture and help a child feel more alert and at ease in themselves.
  • Develop spacial intelligence and confidence in expressing oneself through movement.