Elementary School

The first years of formal schooling are crucial. It’s where we lay a solid foundation for learning that will resonate through a child’s life. We establish these foundations in our elementary school with a curriculum that’s rich, diverse, and engaging. It’s a curriculum that evolves based on the developmental needs of each student as they grow from wide-eyed, playful first graders into confident, practical fifth graders.

Through every developmental stage in every grade, our goal is to help students find meaning through timeless stories and first-hand experiences rather than memorization of facts and test preparation. Our students are actively engaged through rotating blocks of main lessons that weave in music, art, drama, and handwork projects, along with French, gardening, athletics, and plenty of time outdoors.

Grades Curriculum Chart

Fifth Grade


Art: Painting, Form Drawing

Language Arts: Reading, Writing & Grammar

Mathematics: Geometry, Fractions & Decimals

Science: Geography – study of biomes, Botany

Ancient History: History and culture of India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece

Subject Classes: Handwork – Knitting in the round with 5 needles to make socks and hats, Choir & Orchestra, Strings (violin, viola, or cello), French, Movement & Games, Eurythmy, Woodworking