What Parents are Saying about Nevada Sage Waldorf School…

“We love the teaching methodology, small class sizes, and the focus on nature. We feel that the teachers and staff were all extremely helpful in guiding us through the logistics of the school.”

“My daughter was in the public school setting until fourth grade. She was beginning to shut down academically and emotionally. The calmness and nurturing approach of Waldorf resonated with her. She has since become excited about learning again! 

“I liked the flexible schedule initially. We were delighted at the amazingly calm environment of the pre-school. We liked the play based activities.

“I don’t think I had preconceived ideas about the school itself before we contacted the school though we had researched about Waldorf education. After we toured, we were impressed by the students we saw, especially the math lesson we were able to observe. The toys made of natural materials made an impression, so did the focus on outside play. We also liked the teachers we met. Overall we were impressed by the little things and the overall beauty and calm feeling of the classrooms.”

“I was disillusioned with the public school system and knew I had to find her a better education. I was familiar with Waldorf in as much as my sister was a Waldorf teacher. Now I know what she means by an enriching education.”

“I had initial concerns about our children keeping up with the standards their peers would be performing against. But that was my own level of ignorance. The faculty and staff helped me educate myself on child development and after I toured I understood the importance of the whole child.”

“Waldorf addresses the child as a whole, that’s how we believe children become the best they can be. Fell in love with the community-driven parents and faculty. Lots of smiles and positivity!

“Love the plays, festivals and community events. I think my son feels like part of a community. He knows all the other kids, including lots of the kids in the grades program as well as the teachers, and they know him. We know their parents. He’s comfortable there. This community aspect is important. I also like parent education events and having the chance to learn more about how the curriculum unfolds.”

“Seeing the way the teachers and other children interact with each other is the kind of environment we want our daughter exposed to. There is open communication and no shaming. There are shared experiences, even in times of conflict that result in love and empowerment.

It’s not a moment, but an evolution I’ve seen in how my child can describe difficult emotions, seek creative solutions to challenges, and build beautiful friendships with classmates.”