Grades 7 & 8 | Distance Learning Tools

Assignments & Feedback: Assignments will be provided in two ways. The packets will be distributed on Wednesday, March 25 and via Google Classroom. Student work that is due during the two week period will be uploaded into the Google Classroom.

In Class Experiences: Class teachers and Subject teachers may share recorded and live lessons, online courses, Google Hangout or Zoom discussions, and experiential learning assignments that can be done from home or outdoors.

Materials: Packets of materials will be available on Wednesday, March 25 with contributions from the class teacher and special subject teachers. In addition, online resources will be shared via Google Classroom.

Communication Platform: Grades 7-8 teachers will be using Google Classroom and email to communicate with parents and students. Middle School students will be assigned a email to give them full access to Google Classroom. Parents will receive an email from G Suite with instructions to get their child signed into their email account this week.