Our faculty brings a rich background of experience and talent to Nevada Sage Waldorf School. They nurture each child’s capacities for learning while bringing the Waldorf curriculum alive with creativity and deep caring. Every day our faculty members work from their hearts to inspire the minds, hearts, and spirits of each child they serve.

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Paula Gabriela Caruso

Gabriela Caruso

Spanish Teacher

Gabriela was born in Argentina and has been a fitness professional since the year 2001, with a passion for health, nature, singing, and the healing arts. 

She worked as an energy healer while living in the forest of Boulder Creek and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music and fitness careers.

Once married and with a 3-year-old son, her family decided to find a calmer lifestyle in South Lake Tahoe, where after 2 years of public school, they started homeschooling their child. It was then that Gabriela found her passion for working with children and learned everything she could about the Waldorf method. It was the resemblance with her own philosophy that most attracted her to this method of education.

She became a youth fitness specialist, a yoga instructor for kids and teenagers, and learned about movement for primitive reflex integration. She co-created and facilitated a Spanish program at the South Lake Tahoe Community College based on Waldorf principles and movement techniques, tailored to kids 3 to 14 years old.

She spent the last two years visiting national parks with her homeschooled son, took a trip to see glaciers and waterfalls in Argentina, and occasionally has a music performance with her band.