Middle School

Pre-adolescence can be a challenging time, as many of us might remember. Rather than fighting against the inner struggles that middle school students might be going through, the Waldorf middle school curriculum complements every aspect of this important developmental stage, from the order-seeking, emotional sixth-grader to the curious and boundary-pushing seventh grader to the self-reliant, helpful and maturing eighth-grader.

With growing rigor, the subject matter during these years – business math and geometry, physics and astronomy, chemistry, ancient and medieval history, the Renaissance, scientific and historic revolutions, form drawing, strings, and athletics – is meant to help students establish critical thinking skills, a strong self-identity, and encourage their growing sense of independence. Altogether, it’s about preparing each student for the challenges of high school and laying the final blocks of the foundation that will help them succeed in the world ahead.

Grades Curriculum Chart

Seventh Grade


Art: Painting

Language Arts: Reading & Grammar, Creative Writing

Science & Mathematics: Physics – mechanics, Inorganic Chemistry, Physiology, Geometry, Mathematics – ratios, algebra, negative numbers, square and cube roots

Social Studies/Humanities: World Geography – Africa, History – the Renaissance and Reformation, the Age of Exploration

Subject Classes: Handwork – Sewing marionette puppets and clothing and wet felting slippers, Choir & Orchestra, French, Movement & Games, Eurythmy, Woodworking