Early Childhood

For the preschool and kindergarten aged child, there really is no place like home. Every aspect of our early childhood program – the toys made from natural materials, classrooms that radiate peace and warmth, the nurturing teachers and staff – is designed to provide your child with a gentle transition from the home environment to the classroom. And on soup day, the smells of freshly baked loaves of bread and homemade soup (with veggies prepped by the kindergarteners) would make anyone feel right at home.

The play-based curriculum weaves in music, art, stories, puppet shows, and plenty of outside playtime. All this works together to spark young imaginations, instill a sense of wonder, and give each child an understanding of the goodness and beauty of the world that surrounds them. 


Daily Rhythm: Circle time, Storytelling and puppetry, Mealtime, Indoor and outdoor play

Seasonal & Weekly Work: grinding grain, making apple sauce, planting flowers, food preparation, washing snack dishes.

Seasonal & Weekly Art: wet on wet painting, beeswax crayon drawing, clay modeling, dying silks, festival art projects