Faculty Administrator

Nevada Sage Waldorf School is currently seeking an experienced Faculty Administrator.


The Faculty Administrator serves in key leadership roles at NSWS, working out of a model of servant leadership, representing and advocating for the faculty, and serving on the Leadership Group.  It is expected that the Faculty Administrator manifests the personal character, and breadth of teaching and administrative experience to effectively support the faculty and administrative realms.  This individual provides leadership in the cultural life of the faculty ensuring that their realm is functioning in a healthy and positive manner.  The person who serves in this role is proficient in change management, conflict resolution, managing multiple projects, team building and organization.

Key Responsibilities

Professional Development & Teacher Training

  • oversee all aspects of faculty professional development, including classroom observations, mentoring and evaluations.
  • ensure availability of effective teacher mentoring and/or peer partnering
  • advocate for and facilitate teacher training

Communication & Accountability

  • model and uphold healthy lines of communication
  • support direct communication whenever possible
  • ensure joint forums of conversations as needed
  • initiate follow-up on concerns and sensitive issues

Student & Parent Support

  • support faculty by addressing concerns regarding parent-faculty relations
  • oversee student support and proper follow-up and documentation
  • provide the community with pedagogical understanding, inspiration & insight
  • oversee the development of parent education events

Delegate Administrative Work

  • enlists the help of all lead, salaried faculty members in administrative work
  • facilitates the development of mandate committees to support faculty administrative work
  • support faculty accountability relating to administrative type projects

Hiring and Recruitment

  • lead Hiring and Recruitment Committee for faculty hires
  • oversee orientation of new faculty
  • facilitate faculty exit interviews


  • facilitate pedagogical budgeting
  • provide leadership in determining salaries
  • provide leadership in determining school programs, assessing their requirements and prioritizing their funding


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Fully trained Waldorf teacher with significant classroom experience
  • Experience in mentoring and evaluating teachers
    Understanding and willingness to work out of Waldorf tenants and Anthroposophy
    Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrates strength in administrative capacities, including being well organized, and able to effectively manage multiple projects
  • Demonstrates commitment to collaboration, objectivity, relationship, and consensus-building, as well as conflict resolution.

To apply for this position, please email a letter of interest, brief biography, curriculum vitae and three references to administrator@nevadasagewaldorf.org. Include “Faculty Administrator” in the subject of the email.