Our faculty brings a rich background of experience and talent to Nevada Sage Waldorf School. They nurture each child’s capacities for learning while bringing the Waldorf curriculum alive with creativity and deep caring. Every day our faculty members work from their hearts to inspire the minds, hearts, and spirits of each child they serve.

We welcome you to read about our faculty, realizing the best way to get to know us is to connect in person. Schedule a tour to learn more about our school and about Waldorf education.

Otis Poisson

Grades Support Teacher

Mr. Poisson hails from the Northeast where he was trained in fine arts and mechanical engineering. He worked as a design engineer in Brooklyn, NY before taking a nine-month hiatus to explore the country by motorcycle, eventually moving west permanently in 2016. Landing initially in Los Angeles, Mr. Poisson spent his time in LA reviving his personal artistic practice and working in set design and construction.

Having worked with children at wilderness-based summer camps since college, Mr. Poisson has considerable experience in outdoor education. Before arriving in Reno in the fall of 2018, he spent the summer leading teen backpacking trips in the Tetons.

Mr. Poisson holds a BA in studio art from Wesleyan University and a BS in mechanical engineering from Columbia University. In his free time, you might find him trying to make use of the two — drawing, building, and making artwork. Otherwise, Mr. Poisson enjoys spending time outside, hiking, cycling, meditating and appreciating the natural beauty in and around Reno.