Acorns to Oaks. A Campaign to Grow On.

Our School is Growing. Let’s build our dream school together.

Our unified vision will ultimately come to life in a plan for a permanent campus that can hold our students for years to come and a capital campaign that will help us raise the funds we need to make our vision a reality.

Consensus Design Timeline | May – August 2019

The timeline below lists the different phases of the Consensus Design process with Oldrich Hozman, an Anthroposophical Architect from the Czech Republic from most recent of events. Nevada Sage Waldorf school hired Oldrich and his team of architects to design our new school campus – in collaboration with the vision and values from our faculty, admin, board and parent body.

May 28 – June 20 : Consensus Design Workshop & Programming Design During this phase Oldrich and his architecture team guided members of our faculty, board, administrators and parent body in the creative process of designing our new school campus; classrooms, buildings and play yards.

June 20 : Presentation of the Conceptual Design of Campus Layout Oldrich presented a conceptual design of the campus layout to the faculty, board, admin and the site committee members.

July 15 – 19 : Review & Finalize Programming Design A review of the campus conceptual design resulted in the need to reduce the square footage significantly. The goal was to reduce and consolidate classrooms without compromising the programming needs.

July 22 : Updated Conceptual Design Sketches Oldrich prepared updated conceptual design sketches with accomodations to the revised classroom modifications. Followed by a daily review with school members.

July 25 : Final Review of Conceptual Design

July 29 – August 5 : Collective work on Architectonic Model Modeling and shaping the campus layout & garden spaces to bring forth organic shapes and soft forms of the buildings and garden spaces.

August 8 @ 5 -6 pm : Presentation of the Architectonic Model Oldrich Hozman will present the Architectonic Model of the campus design to our NSWS community; families, faculty, admin and board of trustees.

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Acorns to Oaks Visioning Recap from Nevada Sage Waldorf School on Vimeo.